Sarah Cowley Ross

Can you believe that SARAH COWLEY ROSS is coming to our class!!🤩 The New Zealand Track and Field Athlete who made to the  Olympics! Because she’s coming, my class and I did research on Sarah Cowley to know more about her.

Please look at the slide below to look at my research. Maybe you’ll know something about Sarah you didn’t know.

Hasta la vista 2023

The end of  2023 is right around the corner. Just 2 more weeks left! Thanks to all the teachers that helped me through the last 5 years at Otahuhu Primary. There is a lot I am grateful for. I will really miss Otahuhu Primary School!😢

I am nervous and excited for 2024. I have created a lot of memories that I will cherish forever. Please look at my reflection here to learn about what I have enjoyed and what I look forward to in 2024.



Today my reading group and I created a little slide on surfing facts and used google drawing to create a surf board. My class and I have also recently visited orewa beach to learn how to surf! It was an amazing experience!

You can have a look at my slide and drawing below:

My Party Vote

MMP is the voting system we use in New Zealand. It stands for ‘Mixed Member Proportional’. We use MMP to choose who represents us in Parliament.Each person gets a vote for a candidate and a vote for a party.

Today we looked at Panmure and Otahuhu Electorate and this is what we found.

For our electorate we have Jenny Salesa from Labour representing our community.

Stung In the Sleeping Giant Rainforest

                                                           Stung in the Sleeping Giant Rainforest

                                                                              By Samarah Aania


We were on holiday in Fiji. One of the highlights was my breath-taking moments at the magnificent Sleeping Giant Rainforest.


 “Liyana, what a beautiful day”. Liyana and Samarah walked through the lush greenery of the Sleeping Giant Rainforest. The beauty of the forest was overwhelming. The sun was winking at them through the tall shady trees. The sweet aroma of the hibiscus tingled Samrah’s nostrils. The birds were chirping cheerfully. The fresh cool air rushed past Them. The rainforest was a leafy paradise. 


Samarah and Liyana were walking through the forest, taking shade under the bespeckled trees that towered them skyscrapers. They hid from the sun as it tried cooking us alive. Suddenly, the peace and magical moments ended. Hell had broke loose. Liyana had stepped on a wasp nest! One by one, all the tiny black and yellow wasps came out. “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE”. Samarah and Liyana ran and ran, but the wasps followed them. 

Liyana lost her speed. They both stopped as Liyana’s leg dragged on the brown dry dirt. All the wasps were angry and charged against Liyana like they were members of  an army at war. They stung Liyana like bullets coming out of their rifles. Samarah didn’t know what to do. Then they spotted a tiny sparkling waterfall that cascaded down into a glistening stream. Samarah and Liyana jumped into the stream. 


Minutes passed by, they were still in the stream. Samarh put my head up to see if the grumpy wasps were still there. Gladly, the wasps had fled from war. Liyana and Samarah were so relieved. They got out of the stream and headed back to the lounge. While they were walking, Liyana and Samarah saw soaring mountain peaks and freshwater streams. Just then they saw the enormous grassy Sleeping Giant! It was a mesmerizing site. 


When they reached the beautiful Sleeping Giant lounge, Liyana and Samarah saw their parents with worried faces. When they saw us they quicked got up and gave us tight cheery hugs. Then they quickly took Liyana to the Sleeping Giant’s doctor. She took a look and said Liyana will heal in 2-3 days. 


Samarah was so glad that Liyana was safe. Getting lost in the forest wasn’t that bad. They got to see the Sleeping Giant! Sa

Samarah and Liyana were as happy as a new born child.